Summer 2012

by Call Your Friends

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This is the product of putting our minds together from January 2012, to September 2012.


released September 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Call Your Friends Ventura, California

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Track Name: Take Nothing
When the seasons leave all their belongings
This gift is selfless, and soon forgotten.

Standing by your side
This time with a light inside
Project through the darkest of our minds
So it's up to us
To stand a little closer to what frightens us
Untie these fears and shake the dust

When we must face all of our habits
Let's take nothing for granted.
Track Name: The Little Things
I am ready to go
Leave my twenties for something less known
Gotta grow up, gotta find a home someday
Or maybe raise a kid to hear what she's got to say

-Take it with time
-Accept the invite
-Breathe in the love of the company tonight

-I shuffle through the little things as all my friends join me to sing
-And it's clear, it's clear
-The sun beams through the clouds again, and all I can seem to do is grin
-And it's clear, it's clear. Oh so clear.

I am ready to know
Who's gonna be there when I grow old
Will I share my life or will it fall apart in these hands
Well, I'm not so sure, but here... here I stand
Track Name: In Loving Memory
Until my fingers twist and writhe
Or when my back crushes me
When my feet can't walk the line

When my mind can't take anymore
Or when I can't remember my name
I'll forget how to shed these fears

When the close ones stop seeing me
I will be my only friend
And I can't even remember who I am...